We invite scientists with various background to attend this interdisciplinary event, and contribute to a blue-sky thinking about its future directions. The topics considered include, however are not restricted to:

  • Magnetic nanowires, nanotubes, core-shell, three-dimensional scaffolds and nanostructures with curved geometries.
  • Advanced synthesis methods, covering chemical, physical and nanofabrication methods.
  • Dedicated characterization techniques, especially on single objects: low-noise, high-sensibility, revealing structural, magnetic, transport and other features with high resolution in space and/or time.
  • Properties covering nanomagnetism, spintronic and multifunctional aspects
  • Dedicated theory and simulations
  • Existing and foreseen applications

The program will consist of one full day of introductory lectures to provide a common understanding basis across all disciplines, followed by invited talks, contributed talks and poster sessions. Social events are scheduled to promote networking.